643 whole labial thickness, with a peculiar form of the lip itself. To this latter defect M. Demarquay had called attention, in the Gazette Médicale, ...

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643 whole labial thickness, with a peculiar form of the lip itself. To this latter defect M. Demarquay had called attention, in the Gazette Médicale, as early as 1845. HYDROPHOBIA IK PARIS.

M. Peter had lately under his care a man aged thirty-one who died with fearful spasms of this sad complaint. He was admitted on the 27th of March, death occurred on the 29th, and he had been bitten by his own dog in the preceding November. The wound had been cauterised with the perchloride of iron (sic). The principal features of the treatment were vapour baths and subcutaneous injections of sulphate of atropine. The autopsy revealed considerable congestion in the lungs and brain. WARM DOUCHES TO THE EAR IN OTORRHCEA.

Dr. Prat considers that the membrana tympani allows of osmotic dialysis, and can be penetrated by liquid or gaseous currents. As much as ten, fif, teen, or twenty quarts of warm may be used for each ear water in the shape of continuous irrigation. To accomplish the latter, Dr. Prat had a simple instrument constructed, composed of two india-rubber tubes, connectedwith a very short cylinder, so divided as to allow of a double current. Thus a continuous irrigation is estaoiisnea. by one ot the tubes placed, in tne warm water, the short cylinder being in the meatus externus. The best results have been obtained.

At the primary professional examinations for the diploma of Member held on the llth and 12th inst., of 44 candidates 16 were referred back to their studies for three months, and the following 28 passed :Charles Irving, William Roberts, T. J. W. Slater, and George Willis, of St. Bartho!omew’s Hospital; J. W. Ekens, R. C. Holman, H. E. Hudson, Wm. Jones, Wright Nieholson, Burlord Norman, and Wm. Russell, of Guy’s Hospital; Cornelius Biddle, and Jo,iah Oliver, of Charing-cross of University Hospital; H. F. H. Newington, and Fiedorick College; A. E. Kennedy, of London Hospital; Richard S aa, of King’s College; Wm. Collins, of Westminster Hospital ; DavidBrown, W. H. Elmes, R. P. Griffith, Thomas Price, D. W. Thomas, aud Wm. Williams, of the Dublin School of Medicine ; T. S. Gardiner, and J. W. Moss, of the Manchester School; R. A. Jamieson, of Cork; C. S. Heap, of Belfast.





following gentlemen

passed their examination in the Science and Practice of Meclicine, and received certificates to practise, on the 30th ult. :Field, Albert Frederick, Canterbury. McMahon, John James, Carrickmaeross, Ireland. Marshall, Andrew, Preston. On the 7th inst. :Gill, William, Ansteys Lea, Torquay. Harris, William, Bedrath, Cornwall. Lee, Barnard John, Wheateroft, Crich, Derby. Lubboek, Richard Girdlestone, Burton-crescent. Nicholls, William Howard, Kensington. On the 30th ult., as an Assistant in Compounding and Dispensing Medicines:Ford, Robert Giles, Cannon-street-road. The following gentlemen on the above days passed their first examination::C. H. Beardshaw, Leeds School of Medicine; W. H. W. Wilkinson, University College. REPRESENTATION





- A meeting of the Liberals of the University of London was held on Monday night, Mr. T. S. Osler in the chair. It was FATAL DIVISION OF AN INTERCOSTAL ARTERY. decided, that as no Conservative candidate is in the field, it M. Demarquay, of Paris, had lately under his care a patient is unnecessary to select a Liberal candidate at present. Insuffering from necrosis of the ninth rib in consequence of structions were given to the committee to act in case a Coninjury. An abscess had formed, which the surgeon opened, servative candidate should be brought forward in the selection and, to obviate severe symptoms of dyspnoea, the part was of a Liberal opponent. largely laid open. This incision fell upon the intercostal ABERDEEN OPHTHALMIC INSTITUTION. -The annual artery exposed by the displacement of the rib, and after several attacks of haemorrhage the patient sank. meeting was held on the 24th of April. 588 patients were relieved in the year. Dr. Wolfe was complimented upon the satisfactory condition of the charity, and a sum of £48 was voted to him for his services during the year.


point of going to press on Thursday evening, we ascertained, on reliable authority, that Mr. Spencer Smith’s motion upon the inspection of the minutes of the Council had been rejected, and that -Mr. Charles Hawkins’ motion for an inquiry into the present mode of framing the bye-laws of the College, had been carried, at the meeting of the Council that afternoon. As

we were on







partner of Dr. Hunter, by swallowing prussic

committed suicide the week before last acid.



NEW YORK. - During

the two weeks ending March 15th, 1868, the following cases occurred in New York: 159 cases of scarlet fever, 132 in children under ten years of age ; 15 typhus, 7 typhoid, 14 diphtheria, and 2 small-pox.

OVERCROWDING AND TYPHUS.-At a recent inquest held in St. Luke’s, medical evidence showed that eight persons lived in a room ten feet square, and which was also the father’s

workshop. KING’S COLLEGE HOSPITAL.-The annual festival

of the present students of University College was held at Willis’s Rooms, on Friday, the’ 24th ult., W. H. was held on Thursday afternoon,-Mr. G. V. Poore in theSmith, Esq., in the chair, supported by the Dean of Westchair,-to take means for the preparation of an illuminated ’, minster, Rev. Dr. Jelf, Sir W. Fergusson, Bart., &C. Subscripaddress to Sir Wm. Jenner, Bart., congratulating him on the tions to the extent of ;f2000 were announced, including handThe some sums from the Standard and Daily Telegraph. recent honours conferred upon him, and thanking him for past I yearly expenses of maintaining the hospital is between £8000 valuable clinical teaching. It is proposed that the address and 99000. shall be presented at the banquet which will shortly be given Sr. MARY’S HOSPITAL.-The anniversary dinner in to Sir Wm. Jenner, and the exact date of which will be fixed A











following gentlemen, having passed the necessary examinations, were admitted Members of the College by Diploma on the 7th inst. :-

Beadles, Ferdinand, Broadway, Worcestershire. Drew, W. H., Gower-street. French, Jacob, Deptford. Gilland, R. B., Brentwood. Nunn, G. R., Lyndhurst. Pratt, J. W., Bradford, Yorkshire.

aid of this charity was held at Willis’s Rooms on Saturday the 25th ultimo, Earl Manvers in the chair. Amongst those present were the Duke of Grafton, General Sir J. C. Coffin, K. C. S. 1., General Sir W. Hill, Mr. H. Lewis, with Mr. VanThe number of the patients relieved since derbyI, M.P., &c. the opening of the hospital is 240,101. Of these 25,995 were in-patients. The cost of maintenance is £8000 a year. Subscriptions to the amount of .S650 were announced.






amateur concert was given last week at the Hanover-square Rooms in aid of the Convalescent Hospital at Eastbourne, established in 1864. The building used for the first three years of its existence has been found wholly inadequate, and in the kindness of the July last a site having been obtained, Duke of Devonshire, the foundation stone was laid of an edi-