Swedish rock engineering: Selected papers from rock mechanics meetings

Swedish rock engineering: Selected papers from rock mechanics meetings

and the Mokelumne Aqueduct in California. Also presented are papers from China discussing seismic damage analysis of sewer pipelines and the seismic e...

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and the Mokelumne Aqueduct in California. Also presented are papers from China discussing seismic damage analysis of sewer pipelines and the seismic evaluation of several lifeline systems. The book may be ordered from Department CE-43, American Society of Civil Engineers, 345 East 47th St., New York, NY 10017-2398 U.S.A. Sinkholes: Their Geology, Engineering and Environmental Impact. Barry F. Beck, editor. A.A. Balkema. 429 pp. £25.00. This book contains 64 papers presented at the First Multidisciplinary Conference on Sinkholes, held in 1984 and sponsored by the Florida Sinkhole Research Institute in Orlando, Florida. It is divided into six sections dealing with different aspects of the subject: the geological framework and mechanisms of sinkhole development: case histories and evaluation techniques for sinkhole susceptability; subsidence pits; the environmental and social impact of sinkholes; remedial engineering of sinkholes; and engineering in sinkhole-prone areas. The broad range of subjects provides both theoretical and practical information for both geologists and engineers. The book is available from A. A. Balkema, P.O. Box 1675, 3000 BR Rotterdam, Netherlands. Soil Movements Induced by Tunnelling and Their Effects on Pipelines and Structures. P.B. Attewell, J. Yeates, and A. R. Selby. Blackie & Son Ltd. 1986. 352 pp. £37.00. This book is written for design engineers who must estimate the effects of tunnelling-induced ground movements on buried pipes and buildings. The first of the three major sections deals with the genesis and distribution of the movements in three dimensions. The second section analyzes the effects of ground movements on pipes and, particularly, pipe junctions which are the weaker elements of an assembly. The final section considers the response of some diferent surface structures to movement, including frame buildings and bridge foundations. Other sections provide practical guidance, including suggestions for presentations of information and pre-tunnelling property schedules.


The book covers in great detail practical procedures, case histories, examples, and physical properties of pipes and building materials. The book may be ordered from Blackie & Son Ltd, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow G64 2NZ, U.K. (add ~2.00 for postage and packing or £7.50 for airmail delivery). The Stability of Slopes. E.N. Bromhead. Blackie & Son Ltd. 1986. 384 pp. £40.00. This book is particularly intended for geotechnical and foundation engineers, engineering geologists and researchers. The book begins with a consideration of the forms of slope instability, including the evolution of natural slopes. The behavior of soil and rocks, and the flow of water through them are explained in considerable detail. The principles and techniques of stability analysis are covered in two separate chapters. The author also develops practical design criteria for new slopes and discusses remedial meausres for slope stabilization. Computer programs to facilitate analysis and design are included where appropriate. The book concludes with several carefully selected case histories. It is available from Blackie & Son Ltd, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow G64 2NZ, U.K.

This report aims to develop models describing grouting performance and, thereby, to establish a basis for further development, leading to optimal results of grouting methods under different conditions. The report is available from the Swedish Rock Engineering Research Foundation, Storgatan 19, Box 5501, S-114 85 Stockholm, Sweden. Trenchless Construction for Utilities. F. E. Bruce, editor. Institution of Public Health Engineers. 1986. 330 pp. £50.00. These proceedings from the First International Conference of No-Dig 85, the First International Conference On Trenchless Construction for Utilities (London, April 1985) represent a broad geographical spread and wide range of issues, from cost to experiences with various techniques used in trenchless construction. Transcripts of the discussion sessions are included, as well as extensive bibliographies. The proceedings may be ordered from the Institution of Public Health Engineers, Grosvenor Gardens House, 35-37 Grosvenor Gardens, London SWl 0BS, U.K.

Tunnelling '85. M. J. Jones, ed. Institution of Mining and Metallurgy. 1985. 365 pp. $USI00.00. This book features 34 technical papers presented at the Fourth Swedish Rock Engineering: International Tunnelling Symposium Selected Papers from Rock Mechanics Meetings. (In English.) held in Brighton, England, in March 1985. Case studies and Swedish Rock Engineering research represent experiences in Research Foundation. 268 pp. Europe, North and South America, $US40.00. Asia and the Far East. The This book features 25 technical papers selected from the 1979-1984 subtopic areas are: major projects; concreting; geotechnical studies; Rock Mechanics Meetings, organized annually by the Swedish machine tunnelling; drill and blast tunnelling; tunnelling; grouting; Rock Engineering Research and general tunnelling topics. Foundation (BeFo) and the Swedish National Group of the ISRM. The papers, by Underground Storage of Oil and representatives of the Swedish Gas. Ulf Lindblom and Wissam S. building industry, deal with Ai-Hashimi, editors. Arab current building and research, Geologist Association. 1986. experiences, etc. The book is available from the Swedish Rock $US80.00. This book includes the papers Engineering Research Foundation, presented at the First Arab Storgatan 19, Box 5501, S-114 85 Seminar on Underground Oil and Stockholm, Sweden. Gas Storage, held in Baghdad, Iraq on October 20-26, 1979. The Theoretical and Model Studies of papers illustrate various aspects of Grouting: Phase 1--Basic Relations. and options for underground Swedish Rock Engineering storage. The book is divided Research Foundation. (In Swedish into five main sections: storage with English summary.) 50 pp. concepts, geological investigations, $US30.00. geotechnology, economics, and


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