System provides optimum fuel quality

System provides optimum fuel quality

8 Technology news Filtration+Separation September/October 2010 Automatic water filter self cleans Partnership provides safe drinking water The M-9...

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Technology news Filtration+Separation September/October 2010

Automatic water filter self cleans

Partnership provides safe drinking water

The M-90 self-cleaning water filter from Forsta Filters offers a compact and easy-to-install design which, at 30 cms tall, can be incorporated into nearly any piping system. The automatic backwash allows the filter to clean itself as needed, and requires almost no routine maintenance. A stainless steel body, screen, and components make the M-90 filter extremely durable. The filter has a flow capacity of up to 379 litres per minute, and screen mesh to 5 micron. The M-90 uses a single 2.5 cms flush valve and uses less than 7.6 litres of water in the 6 seconds backwash cycle.

Disruptor filter media removes a wide range of pathogens and submicron contaminants from water. The AquaSure storage water purifier removes all three types of contaminants from water: physical, chemical and microbiological, without the use

of any chemicals, providing, not just microbiologically pure, but safe drinkable water. AquaSure is designed for distribution, storage and endconsumer use in developing markets such as India. The technology eliminates the need to add disinfecting chemicals which raise potential public health and safety concerns.

System provides optimum fuel quality The M-90 can be incorporated into nearly any piping system.

Pocket filter removes odours from airport Synsafe Revo pocket filters from Vokes-Air are being installed at Manchester Airport, UK, as part of the new filtration arrangement. The filter can deliver reductions in energy consumption thanks to a low resistance to airflow combined with the ability to remove the need for a pre-filter stage. The pocket filters are predicted to deliver annual savings of approximately £514,000, which will help Manchester Airport reach its commitment

Ahlstrom and Eureka Forbes have partnered to produce AquaSure. The product has been designed and manufactured by Eureka Forbes and incorporates Ahlstrom’s Disruptor filter media.

to achieve carbon neutrality by 2015. Andrew Sheridan, Manchester Airport’s services facilities manager said: “The Manchester team, which had already commenced a comprehensive energy review at the airport, trialled the Vokes-Air products alongside competitor products and made their decision on the basis of projected performance and energy savings.”

Vokes-Air will handle the replacement of 1,500 air filters on 180 air handling units at Manchester Airport.

The STS automated fuel filtration system from Algae-X removes sludge and water from tanks, dries the fuel and prevents microbial contamination through fullyautomated programming and remote monitoring. The controller monitors of the STS 6000-30 GPM can easily be integrated into any building management system. Alarm functions and pump shut down are triggered when the filters need service, a leak is detected, high vacuum or pressure occurs, or when there is water in the separator. STS 6000 systems can be connected to the tank’s ‘High Fuel Level Alarm’ to prevent

overfilling and potential spills. All components and control devices are contained within a fully enclosed, lockable, NEMA certified cabinet. Features of the STS automated fuel filtration system from Algae-X include: Nexus y-Strainer to protect the pump; Continuous duty motor with coupled gear pump and Viton seals; Primary filter to remove water and debris; Secondary coalescing filter to dry the fuel; and Algae-X Fuel Conditioner to optimise fuel quality, increase filterability and eliminate microbial contamination.

Chemical additives remove hydrogen sulphide exposure The SULFIX 9610 and SULFIX 9614 asphalt additives from Baker Hughes are designed to reduce hazardous levels of hydrogen sulphide from asphalt or bitumen products. Hydrogen sulphide is a common component of many petroleum products, including those used in asphalt for construction of roadways. Baker Hughes’ SULFIX technology reduces exposure to hydrogen sulphide throughout the asphalt supply chain, from the

refinery to the paving process. Jerry Basconi, vice president of Baker Petrolite said: “Working together with asphalt producers, Baker Hughes can help them stay on track with their health, safety and environmental programmes. SULFIX products for asphalt can help reduce levels of hydrogen sulphide, improving employee safety and environmental compliance.”