Table-top system provides reliable mechanical data

Table-top system provides reliable mechanical data

Test Equipment: recent Ametek some introductions Lloyd Instruments instrument Lloyd Instruments, expunds range part of the Ametek Lloyd Instru...

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Test Equipment: recent Ametek



Lloyd Instruments

instrument Lloyd Instruments,



part of the Ametek

Lloyd Instruments says that the LF Plus

Material Test Business Unit, has intro-

has a generous test bed area, deep throat and can accommodate a range of config-

duced the LF Plus to its range of testing equipment. The company says that the LF

urable work surfaces and grips. The LF

Plus is an affordable low force universal

Plus joins the LRX Plus single column uni-

testing machine. It is said to offer high per-

versal test machine and Nexygen

formance for routine force measurements

analysis and control software, as well as the


up to 1kN (225 Ibf). The testing machine


is claimed to have a novel modular design

stands and the Davenport

that allows customers to build a solution

Flow Indexer for raw polymer analysis.

hand held force gauges and test M F I - 10 Melt

that matches their exact need and budget. The flexible design permits the use of XLC


Series loadcells or Chatillon digital force

Ametek Lloyd Instruments Ltd Tel: +44 1489 486399 Fax: +44 1489 885118

gauges as the load measuring device, which feature an instant plug and play capability.


The range of testing equipment from Ametek Lloyd Instruments.

system provides reliable mechanical


Instron Ltd has introduced the 3300

frame with integrated surface mount con-

permit compatibility with various acces-

series table-top testing system for evaluat-

trol electronics, a load cell and Series IX

sories, such as grips, furtunes, extensometers

ing the mechanical properties of materials

Materials Testing Software. The company

and chambers. Instron adds that its no-

and components.

says that with their automatic recognition

clutch design increases reliability and

the 3300 series can meet a wide range of

and calibration of load and strain trans-

improves load/speed performance. Safety

quality, affordable testing needs through grips, fixtures and extensometry options.

ducers, its testing systems meet or exceed

features include ball screw covers for longer

the measurement accuracy requirements

machine life and operator protection.

For example, there are flexure fixtures to

of ASTM,

test plastics to ASTM

various testing standards.

Contact: Instron Ltd Tel: +44 1494 456815 Fa3c +44 1494 4568I4 E-mail: [email protected]

The company says that

D790 and EN IS0

178 and pneumatic grips to test elastomers to ASTM

D412 and IS0


The Instron 3300 series includes a Ioad

EN, BS, ISO, JIS and other

The design is claimed to be user-friendly allowing quick set-up and versatility. Column covers are fitted with T-slots to



Part of the new Teach-Line’



is compact

dispersing of polymer materials. Used with co-rotating screws, it can be

The company adds that axial shifting of

table-top machines from Dr. Collin GmbH is the table-top compounder ZK 25T. The line of machines is for edu-

employed for the production of batches of polyolefins and technical polymers with

ing and control of the plasticification process.

cation and training in polymer process-

pigments and fillers. The compounder

ing, as well as research and development

with counter-rotating

with small samples.

higher pressure build-up or precise resi-

The company says that the ZK 25T is for

dence time is required, for instance for

the continuous blending, alloying and

the plastic&cation

Contact: Dr. Co//in GmbH Tel: t49 8092 20960 Fm: t 49 8092 20862 E-mail: collin

screws is used when

of PVC.

the whole barrel unit allows simple clean-

Plastics Additives

& Compounding

May 2002