Technical assistance at your fingertips

Technical assistance at your fingertips

finish[ine Technical Assistance at Your Fingertips D o you have a burning technical question related to decorative, POP, or EN Plating Solutions? Ar...

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finish[ine Technical Assistance at Your Fingertips


o you have a burning technical question related to decorative, POP, or EN Plating Solutions? Are you interested in learning more about anti-corrosion and functional plating? Or perhaps you need assistance resolving cleaning and/or surface-preparation issues? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then look no further than the "Ask the Experts" online program now available on our Web site at This special service, brought to you by Metal Finishing, in association with industry suppliers such as MacDermid, provides you with a vehicle for getting quick answers to concerns, problems, and other technical issues you are wrestling with. We developed Ask the Experts, in part, because we receive quite a number of inquiries each month, both over the phone and via e-mail, from surface finishers asking us for advice or direction on a number of technical issues. By directing your questions to our experts online, you will receive a response to your query in a timely fashion-on or off lineminus the expense of hiring an industry consultant. (Yes, the service is free of charge.) The inaugural program centers on three aspects of surface finishing, and more categories and experts will be added in the near future. The current lineup of experts includes key members of MacDermid's Advanced Surface Finishing business in the Americas: Mike Barnstead, marketing manager for decorative and engineering coatings; Rob Berry, marketing manager for surface conditioning and light metal products; and Bob Griffin, marketing manager for anti-corrosion and functional coatings. Each will review reader inquiries directed to them on our Web site and provide answers based on their respective areas of expertise. The section also contains an archive of a select number of queries and responses published in a Q&A format. This may shed some light on helping you resolve a common problem/issue experienced by some of your colleagues. I encourage you to check out this new value-added service, which complements the technical and business information we report on each month in Metal Finishing. It's the latest example of our commitment to serving as an educational resource for n ~ ~-A _... both job shops and captive operations in the surface finishing industry.


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