Textbook of AIDS medicine

Textbook of AIDS medicine

JEADV Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology ELSEVIER 4 (1995) 303-304 Book review Textbook of AIDS Medicine Samuel Broder...

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JEADV Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology


4 (1995)


Book review Textbook of AIDS Medicine Samuel Broder M.D., Thomas C. Merigan, Jr. M.D. and Dani Bolognesi M.D. (eds.)

Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore 185 illustrations @134.00/$155 683 01072 7

1994. 1,200 pages, hardback) ISBN 0

The Textbook of AIDS Medicine is an extensive, up-to-date review, of the pathogenesis of AIDS, and the treatment of patients with HIV and this disease. The authors aim is to “provide the reader with the ability to survey the molecular biological, immunological, epidemiological, clinical, psychosocial and ethical issues that inform any discussion of AIDS”. To this end they draw on the expertise of more than ninety leaders in the field of HIV and AIDS, each offering us an in-depth summary of the current knowledge and theories gleaned from the extensive bibliography accompanying each section. The book is divided into sections; introduction, basic sciences, epidemiology, clinical, control and prevention, and diseases associated with other retroviruses. The introduction provides a chronological overview of the major research developments; highlighting how far our knowledge has advanced in the fifteen year period since this disease first presented, and stressing the enormity of the challenge ahead in terms of prevention and cure. In the basic sciences section we learn of the advances in our knowledge of the virus and immunopathogenesis. These chapters do not make light reading for those not overly familiar with the disciplines of virology and immunology, but

the diagrams and photographs certainly help. Indeed, many aspects may be beyond the scope for some of the less scientifically inclined clinicians and the inclusion of less technical summaries would have been an advantage. However, for those with a particular interest in these areas, or for those requiring a extensive overview, the bibliography is certainly up to date and comprehensive, and the data is there to whet the enquiring tnind. The clinical section is the largest part and accounts for almost two thirds of the text. The clinical sequelae of HIV infection are legion, and well described. The various pathogens likely to be encountered by patients with AIDS are dealt with in order of frequency. Their presentation, organs affected, and investigation of their pathological processes and treatment are described. In addition, the organs affected are dealt with individually, which makes for easy cross reference and clinical usefulness. Once again the accompanying bibliography is extensive. The remaining sections of the text deal with the control and prevention of AIDS and HIV, as well as a review of the other retroviruses, HIV2, HTLV-I and HTLV-II. Although pharmacological intervention for prophylaxis and treatment is growing daily, currently accepted therapies are well described and documented. The text is detailed but readable, the tables self explanatory and the figures and photographs of excellent quality. The addition of a general overview to each section would have benefited the less informed reader, or novice, in the science or medicine of AIDS. It is inevitable too that current diagnostics and therapeutics will become

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outdated, and that knowledge of the disease and its causative virus will progress, but this text offers an excellent base of knowledge, set in the mid 1990’s, from which we can aspire to advance. In summary, this book will serve as an ideal and comprehensive reference text for physicians, both in care and in training, and a resource for the


non-medically trained; allied in the care of patients with AIDS in the nineties. Shay Keating, MB, Ph.D. Department of Genitourinary Medicine, St. James’ Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

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