Textbook of pediatric dentistry

Textbook of pediatric dentistry

New book annotations Surgical correction of dentofacial New concepts. Volume III. W.H. deformities: Bell (editor). Philadelphia, 1984, W.B. Saunders...

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New book annotations Surgical correction of dentofacial New concepts. Volume III. W.H.


Bell (editor). Philadelphia, 1984, W.B. Saunders Company. 784 pages; 458 illustrations. Price, %I 20.00. The author has assembled a distinguished group of recognized authorities to produce his third volume on this subject. Volumes I and II were published in 1980, and since that time many new technologic and scientific frontiers have surfaced. Better and more efficient surgical and orthodontic techniques have become available, and orthognathic surgery has undergone subtle changes and refinements that have become the leading edge in the integration of surgery into medical and dental specialties. The book provides answers to the important questions facing all clinicians who treat dentofacial deformities, and it is hoped that it will stimulate further research and progress in therapeutics and diagnostic methods. While the volume covers all aspects of the correction of dentofacial deformities, it places particular emphasis on the simultaneous repositioning of the maxilla, mandible, and chin. It will be a valuable addition to the libraries of all who work in this interesting and important field. H.O. Torres and A. Ehrlich (editors). Philadelphia, 1985. W.B. Saunders Company. Third edition. 992 pages; 835 illustrations. Price, $39.95. The new third edition of this book has a redesigned format organized for maximum readability and comprehension. The chapters have been completely revised. The authors examine the dental assistant’s expanded role in root canal work, dental impressions, and applications of etching and sealants. The book includes current coverage of bonding techniques and procedures. It is a completely updated work that will be of value to dental teaching programs and practicing dental assistants. Modern dental assisting.

of regional anesthesia. P.P. Raj (editor). New York, 1985, Churchill Livingstone. 285 pages; illustrated. Price, $40.00. The author states that there is a resurgence of interest in regional anesthesia and calls attention to the need for a well-trained faculty to teach the Handbook

techniques. This book is written to assist in this training. Seventeen contributors have written chapters that cover all aspects of regional anesthesia in the various regions of the body. of pediatric dentistry. R.L. Braham and M.E. Morris (editors). Baltimore, 1985, Williams & Wilkins Company. Second edition, 682 pages; illustrated. Price, $38.00. The first edition of this book was published in 1980 with the assistance of thirty collaborators. This edition incorporates the suggestions and requests made by the evaluators and reviewers of the first edition. Many changes have been made. Some topics have been condensed, others enlarged. The different sections have been modified to create a more logical and systematic approach to the subject. New chapters on epidemiology of dental caries, fluorides in pediatric dental practice, pit and fissure sealants, child abuse and neglect, local oral pathology, and local anesthesia have been added. Other chapters have been rewritten and revised to update them in line with current concepts. Because of the increasing interest in sedation-related complications and mishaps encountered in pediatric dental practices, a specific section has been added to stress the utmost importance of monitoring the pediatric patient during the sedation procedures. Textbook

Exercises in oral radiographic interpretation. R.P. Langlais and M.J. Kasle (editors). Philadelphia, 1985, W.B. Saunders Company. Second edition, 224 pages: 344 illustrations. Price, $39.95. The second edition of this self-study textbook has been expanded and reorganized. The section on dental anomalies and defects has been separated from disorders of the jaws, and each topic is now covered in its own section. Occlusal, panoramic, and extraoral views have been added in various sections, and the localization section has been expanded to include panoramic films. A new section, patterened after state and national board examinations, has been added. This is an excellent textbook of the question-and-answer type that will be of value to students and practitioners alike. 667