The Economics of Physician Dispensing

The Economics of Physician Dispensing

AMERICAN PHARMAev May 1988, Vol. NS28, No. 5 ISSN 0160-3450 'APhA Publisher: The American Pharmaceutical Association, 2215 Constitution Avenue, NW, ...

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PHARMAev May 1988, Vol. NS28, No. 5 ISSN 0160-3450

'APhA Publisher: The American Pharmaceutical Association, 2215 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20037. (202) 628-4410. FAX: 202-783-2351 President: John F. Schlegel Editor: John Covert Assistant Editor: Joyce Leinberger Mitchell Continuing Education Editor: Lynn Limon Editorial Assistants: Ken Krehbiel and James S. Turner Art Director: Marlene Povich Associate Art Director: Carol Ostrow Graphic Artist: Susan Campbell Typographer: Tony Santora Photographer: Mark Farris Editorial Advisory Board: Sharyn R. Batey, Martin Beasley, Timothy R. Covington, Joseph L. Fink III, Linda K. Garrelts, Philip P. Gerbino, Metta Lou Henderson, Daniel A. Hussar, Kenneth W. Kirk, David A. Knapp, Barbara H. Korberly, James R. Minor, John Ostrosky, Dennis A. Smith, Dorothy L. Smith, Carl Taylor Advertising Representative: Media for Medicine, Inc., 130 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10016. (212) 684-5540. The American Pharmaceutical Association Chairman of the Board: Charles R. Green Honorary Chairman of the Board: Arthur G. Zupko Chairman-elect: R. David Cobb President: John F. Schlegel Treasurer: Marily H. Rhudy Board of Trustees: J . Lyle Bootman, John T. Fay Jr. , Thomas J . Garrison, Donald R. Gronewold, August P. Lemberger, Robert J. Osterhaus, Dennis A. Smith, Tim L. Vordenbaumen, John W. West

Guidelines for Authors

Call for Submissions ave you noticed lately what American Pharmacy offers you? Each month the APhAjournal provides timely, authoritative information of value and interest to the wide diversity of pharmacy practitioners. Whatever your practice setting - community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy or other institutional setting, academia, industry - American Phannacy is your journal, and we encourage you to make the most of it. Through the journal's pages, you can share your views, concerns, findings, and ideas with your colleagues in a variety of ways. American Pharmacy welcomes manuscripts that report on significant practice developments and that are written in a crisp, concise style. These papers may concern the introduction of new knowledge regarding roles, technologies, methodologies, drugs, and therapeutic trends. American Pharmacy is a peer-reviewed journal, and all manuscripts are subject to review by qualified outside reviewers. Documentation is required, and illustrations or s:uggestions for illustrations are welcomed. Authors must conform to American Pharmacy's reference style; please consult a back issue of the journal for guidance on listing references. Material is accepted for the following departments: • Feature articles (1,200 words or more) on subjects of broad interest to the profession. • Reviewed research reporting an original piece of research. • Reviewed reports reviewing a topic germane to pharmacy. • Viewpoint articles (700-1,000 words) expressing opinion or commentary on topics of interest to pharmacists. Counterpoint submissions are welcomed in response to previous Viewpoint articles. • Letters to the Editor (200 words or less) either responding to material in ·the journal or commenting on issues of interest to pharmacists. • Member items (50 words or less) describing the achievements of APhA members. Please include a black and white photograph of the individual whenever possible. • Calendar items providing specific information on upcoming events (continuing education programs, meetings, etc). Please submit such material at least 6 weeks in advance of the month in which you want the information published. Manuscripts should be typed on high-quality rag bond, 8 112 x 11 inches, using high-carbon ribbon, and must be at least double-spaced. The original and two copies must be submitted. Final draft copies should be free of typing errors, edits, and extraneous notes. Illustrations should be at least 5 x 7 inch glossy photographs; legible line art; or typed, error-free charts or graphs. We look forward to hearing from you. ®


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