The Health Care Supervisor: Effective Communication

The Health Care Supervisor: Effective Communication

JANUARY 1995, VOL 61, N O 1 Contributing authors include a nurse, physician, speech pathologist, accountant, attorney, human resources specialist, an...

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JANUARY 1995, VOL 61, N O 1

Contributing authors include a nurse, physician, speech pathologist, accountant, attorney, human resources specialist, and nursing home administrator. Each chapter clearly addresses common problems or concerns faced by the supervisory nurse. The articles are well written and contain memorable information, including tables and graphs to illustrate concepts. The authors artfully address topics such as organizational culture, meetings, committees, group processes, and communication techniques to enhance supervisory skills. The Health Care Supenisor: Effective Communication is a RN, CNOR “must have” for supervisors who CLINICAL desire clear, effective communicaNURSE IIVSURGICAL SERVICES DEKALB MEDICAL CENTER tion in all aspects of their responDECATUR, GA sibilities. It is also an effective tool for other associates-whatever their levels of responsibility. THE HEALTH CARE SUPERVISOR: This book is available from EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Aspen Publishers, Inc, 7201 McEdited by Charles R. McConnell Kinney Circle, Frederick, MD 1993,217~~ 21701-9782. $34 paperback

conclusions. There is an extensive bibliography listed at the end of each chapter to enable the reader to research the issues in greater detail. This book would be excellent for a senior nursing forum on bioethics. It also could be used as a springboard for discussions in hospitals or community ethics committees. The material is powerful and thought provoking for anyone who has questions regarding bioethical issues. This book is available from Aspen Publishers, Inc, 7201 McKinney Circle, Frederick, MD 2 1701-9782. CAROLINE K. GARRETT

ommunication is a commonly used, frequently abused word that describes the exchange of information between people. How we communicate with others and how those messages are received are vital to the outcome of the communication process. As supervisors in a health care setting, effective communication is essential when dealing with associates within our units or other intradepartmental personnel or associates. This book is a compilation of ideas and thoughts on effective communication for those in a supervisory capacity. The chapters share a common theme, although they have been written by a variety of professionals.

financial well-being, particularly when the future direction of health care is unknown. This book provides the experienced and novice manager with information about cost accounting principles and their applications. The information is well organized and allows the reader to progress logically from basic knowledge such as “zero-based budgeting” to more complex tasks such as “break-even analysis.” All statistical analysis information is accompanied by clear, well-illustrated graphics. Many authors have contributed to the book, and this provides an opportunity for the reader to gain insight from different expert resources. The book is well edited, so the style of writing is consistent from chapter to chapter. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on “costing out nursing services.” Nursing management has struggled for years to actually define the measurement of nursing’s value in financial terms. The KELLY M. TAYLOR chapter on “zero-based budgeting” RN, ISN, CNOR also addresses costing out nursing UNIT MANAOEdSURGICALSERVICES services from a cost of $1,850,000 SHAWNEE MISSION(KAN) MEDICAL CENTER to $3,750,000. This book is appealing for nurse managers; however, all ISSUES IN COST nurses would benefit from readACCOUNTING FOR HEALTH CARE ing the chapters regarding the ORGANIZA TlONS cost of care provided by RNs. Edited by Steven A . Finkler 1994,287~~ The future of nursing may $34 paperback depend on how articulate we are in defining our worth in financial terms. oday’s nurse manager is This book is available from asked to provide high-quality, Aspen Publishers, Inc, 7201 Mccost-effective care through Kinney Circle, Frederick, MD budgeting and management of 21701-9782. limited resources. He or she is CHERYL L. NELSON-CONLEY required to understand and apply RN, MSN, CNOR basic principles of financial CLINICAL NURSE SPECIALIST accounting to budgeting issues. UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Budgetary management of ALBUPUERPUE resources is critical to institutional