Thermal conductivity measurements on saturated rocks at permafrost temperatures

Thermal conductivity measurements on saturated rocks at permafrost temperatures

~A 8oso61 ~ D ~ E ~ D E ~ T mm~mMAT~ON OF ~ L Y ROCKS ZN ~ O~TAR~O Discusses results obtained in investigations of creep in various ~ s of flssur~iw...

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8oso61 ~ D ~ E ~ D E ~ T mm~mMAT~ON OF ~ L Y ROCKS ZN ~ O~TAR~O

Discusses results obtained in investigations of creep in various ~ s of flssur~iwatersaturated rock subjected to applied vertical loads.

Lo, K Y ; Wal, R S C; Palmer, J H L Can Geotech J, VIS, Nk, Nov 1978, P537-~7 803062 ~

IN B~_SIDUAL STRESSES DUE TO RHEOLOGY Buen, B Prom ~%h COmpress Intermatiomal Society fc~ Rock Mechamlcs~ Montre~, 2-8 Sept 1979, VOl i, P81"83. Publ Rutterdam, A A ~ , 1979

Relx~ts an investigation of residual stress by means of ultrasomic pulse velocity ar~ poir~ load inde~. 803063 R H ~ I O I~AVIOUR OF H E ~ O G E R E O U S SALT ROCKS Dinis da G~ma, C Proc ~ I C ~ e s s I~;ermatiom~l Society for Rock Meebmmles, Momtreu~, 2-8 Sept 1979, Vol i, PI07-I13. Publ Rotterdam, A A Balkema, 1979

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Min%chev, I T Prom ~th C o ~ e s s


Society for

Vol i , P2~-2~7. Publ Rotterdam, A Balkema, 1979 Presents an i:[email protected]~ral m~dal taking into account i~homogemeity, stratifics~ion, amisotropy and diffe~ modttli of %he r ~ types. 803069 RHEOLOGIOAL L~AVIOUR OF ROCKSALT AS DETERMINED IN AN IN S ~ ~ T~ST CAVITY Passaris, E K S Prom 4th C ~ e s s Imtermatlo~i Society for Rock Meehamlcs, Mon%reux, 2,8 Se~ 1979, Vol I, F257,26~. Publ Rotter~am, A A Balkema, 1979

803o70 CREEP m~AVI0UR OF FROZEN SOILS IN UNIAXIAL Elmfal%~ H C; Fecker, E; GOtz, H P Prom ~%~ ~ e s s Intermatiomal Somie~ far Rock Meahamles, Momtreux, 2-8 Sept 1979, Vol i, P123-130. Publ Rotterdam, A A Balkema, 197 9 RepOrts tests on the imfluemce of sodium chloride, mag~msium chloride amd trisodium ~hOSl~hate solutions on s~ellimg in c~der to investigate the effectiveness of suah solutions in l~eventimg ewallir~ ~r their use as drillimg fluids.

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RELATED TO THEIR ALTm~ATION GRADE Gemev~Is, A; P r ~ m l m z i , A Proc ~th Comgress Intarr~tioral Society for ROck Meeha~cs, Montreux, 2-8 Sept 1979, Vol I, P153-159. Publ Rotterdam, A A Bs/kema, 1979 Reports a series cf mlneralc6ical , petrographic, mechanical and rheological tests performed on granitic samples of differing al%~'.ration de~ree. 803066 TIME-DEPENDEnT DEFORMATION OF JOINTED ROCK NEAR FAILU~2 Kaiser, P K; M~gems%ern, N R Proc ~th Congress Imtermatio~l Society for Rock Meehamlcs, Mon~reux, 2-8 Sept 1979, Vol i, P195-202. Publ Robi~erdam, A A Bs/kema, 1979 Relaxalxton tests at increaaII~ stress levels have been performed on specimens of a subbituminous Solnted coal to observe the timedepemdent d~f(~matioms that develop up to failure and b e y o ~ the peak streDg$~. These were triaxial tests at low coDfimimg l~essure on cylindrical samples with an inclimed set of Joints. 803067 O~TAIN LAWS OF ~ IN F l ~ ROCK AND SEMIROCK Kubets~, V L Proc ~th Co~-~ess Im%~rmatiomal Society for Rock Meehs/~cs, Montre~x, 2-8 Sept 1979, Vol l, P215-220. Pub1 Rotterdam, A A Balkema, 1979

COMPRESSION TESTS Eckhardt, H Paper to ist Intermatiorml Sympositln on Groumd Freezim~ Boah~m, 8-10 March 1978.

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Physico-chen~ai properties 803071 AOOUSTIC ~41SSION OF ROCKS UM)ER TRIAXIAL COMPRESSION WITH VARIOUS STRESS PRI~S Chen P~)mg In% J Rock Mech Min Sel, VI6, N6, Dec 1979, P~Ol-4O5 Acoustic emission of Jinan gs~bro amd Chaz~pin granite was measured under trisxial compression over various s~ess paths (eonfiI~mg Im~ess~re up to Z.3kb). 803072 CCMPLEXRESISTIVITY OF ORE-BEARING ROOKS IN THE ~ A ~ . 0.01...Z000~z ~ ZN tmmm~s~ ~s ( z~ o~m~w) Oberladstat%er, M Geoexplcratiom, VI7, N2, May 1979, P143-162 803073 MCDEL FOR COUPLED HEAT AND MOISTURE TRANSFER D U R I ~ SOIL F ~ a T ~ Tayl~, G S; Lu%hlnj J N Can Geotech J, VlS, N~, Nov 1978, P548-555 80307~ ~ CONDUCTIVITY M E A S ~ S ON ~ E D ROCKS AT P ~ % v R O S T ~ S King, M S Can J Earth Sci, V16, N1, Jan 1979, P73-79 Describes a simple dlvided-bar apparatusj and discusses its calibration and its use in measurimg the thermal ~ t l v i t l e s of 2 samdstones and a limestor~. 803075 FINITE ~J~_/~T SIMULATION OF FB~7.ING FHOCESSES IN SOILS Del Giuclice, S; Cc~ini, G$ Lewis, R W In% J Num Anal Met~h Geomech, V2, N3, JulySept 1978, P223-235