Tin-bismuth electrodeposition bath

Tin-bismuth electrodeposition bath

fide gas thus produced to precipitate and separate metals including copper, arsenic, antimony, and bismuth from the second solution portion in the for...

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fide gas thus produced to precipitate and separate metals including copper, arsenic, antimony, and bismuth from the second solution portion in the form of sulfides; filtering the second solution portion to sep• arate the precipitated sulfides from the sec• ond solution portion; and recycling the fil• trate from the second solution portion to the electrorefining system.

Anode Electroplating Cell

us. Patent 5,783,058. July 21,

1998 H.K. Fowler et al., assignors to Eltech Systems Corp., Chardon, Ohio

The method of providing an apparatus for the electrodeposition of a metal, which method is particularly adapted for refur• bishing the apparatus, the apparatus having a cathode drum rotating about an axis and partially immersed in an electrolyte, which apparatus also has a curved lead anode used in metal electrodeposition, said anode being spaced apart from the cathode with a gap maintained between the cathode and anode for containing the electrolyte.

Tin-Bismuth Electrodeposition Bath US. Patent 5,783,059. July 21, 1998 PL. Caval/otti et al., assignors to IBM Corp., Armonk, N. Y.

A method for soldering electronic com• ponents onto a copper substrate using a tin-bismuth solder alloy comprising the






steps of electrodepositing the tin-bismuth solder alloy on the copper substrate using an electrodeposition bath containing zinc salt, tin salt, and bismuth salt; bringing the electronic components in contact with the tin-bismuth solder alloy; and reflowing the tin-bismuth solder alloy to join the elec• tronic components to the copper substrate; wherein the zinc salt is present in an amount effective to increase wettability of the electrodeposited alloy and decrease ox• idation at the surface of the electrodepos• ited alloy after solder reflow.

Electrolytic Metal Recovery Method

u.s. Patent 5,783,060. July 21, 1998 J. La Riviere et al., assignors to Metafix Inc., Lachine, Canada An electrolytic method for recovering metal from an electrolytic solution in a cell operating either in a standby mode having associated with it a standby current level, or a plating mode having associated with it a plating current level, said method com• prising measuring a concentration of the metal in solution; comparing to a predeter• mined recorded acceptable level; adjusting as a function of a result of the comparing, if need be, an initial gain current level to increase or decrease a rate of plating; ad• justing an off level as a function of any adjustment or the initial gain current level; adjusting voltage in the cell a1 a beginning

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of the plating mode such that the plating current level reaches the gain level; and switching from the plating mode to the standby mode when the plating current level drops below the off level, whereby the rate of plating is controlled by setting the gain level as a result of the metal con• centration measurement.

Precoated Alloy Steel Sheet US. Patent 5,783,622. July 21, 1998 A. Sabata et al., assignors to Armco Inc., Middletown. Ohio

A precoated chromium alloyed steel with enchanced paint adhesion for exhaust applications comprising a steel sheet with at least one surface provided with a protec• tive coating resistant to delamination at temperatures up to 540°C including an in• ner inorganic portion and an outer organic portion with the organic portion including a dry film; the inner inorganic portion in• cluding a chromium-based conversion coating containing a particulate material; the outer organic portion comprising a sil• icone paint containing at least 20% by weight silicone resin; the dry film being a copolymer of thermoplastic acrylic resin and lubricant or polymeric olefin; the co• polymer containing 5 to 70% of the lubri• cant and the polymeric olefin containing at least 90% olefin resin whereby the dry film is tack-free, impervious to moisture, oil, dirt, and the like and the coated sheet being

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