Treatment of heavy metal contamination

Treatment of heavy metal contamination

to a substrate and cured, provides an abrasion-resistant coating on the substrate, comprising an aqueous-organic solvent mixture containing hydrolysis...

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to a substrate and cured, provides an abrasion-resistant coating on the substrate, comprising an aqueous-organic solvent mixture containing hydrolysis products and partial condensates of an ep• oxy-functional silane, a tetrafunc• tional silane, and a multifunc• tional compound wherein the multifunctional compound is se• lected from the group consisting of multifunctional carboxylic ac• ids, multifunctional anhydrides, and combinations thereof; and an amount of water sufficient to hy• drolyze the epoxy-functional si• lane and the tetrafunctional si• lane.

TREATMENT OF HEAVY IInAL CONTAliINAnON U.S. Patent 6,001,185. Dec. 14. 1999

C.L. Huff, Reagan. Texas

A method for in situ treatment of heavy metal contaminated sur• face coatings comprising deter• mining the amount and type of heavy metal compounds in a heavy metal contaminated sur• face coating to be decontami• nated, blending a mixture of a paint remover with an amount of calcium phosphate in sufficient concentration to react with the heavy metal compounds; apply• ing to the coating, allowing phos• phate to react to render the

.)2 Mason ~ (i..} Corporation

heavy metal compounds immo• bile and biologically nonhazard• ous; and removing the blended mixture where in the calcium phosphate is in the form of at least one compound selected from naturally occurring apatite, synthetic hydroxyapatite, diba• sic calcium phosphate, and phos• phate rock. ACID CLUNINGIDEOXIDIZING ALUIlINUIl AND TlTANIUIi U.S. Patent 6.001.186. Dec. 21. 1999 P.M. Johnson and L.R. Carlson,

assignors to Henkel Corp., Gulph Mills. Pa.


nickel & copper • strippers

The Tin Specialists Stannic Chloride (Tin Tetrachloride) (Tin IV Chloride), (Tin Chloride) I Stannic Chloride Solution • Stannous Chloride Anhydrous (Tin II Chloride) I Stannous Chloride Solution I Stannous Chloride Dihydrate I Stannous Oxide I stannous Sulfate I Stannous Sulfat. Solution I Sodium Stannate I Potassium Stannate I Potassium Stannate Solution


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