Ultrafiltration membranes and systems

Ultrafiltration membranes and systems

MANUFACTURERS LITERATURE Wastewater Treatment Advanced Chemical Co. Warwick, R. 1. A 2-page flyer describes Encap~01-8, a single-step, dry chemical ad...

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MANUFACTURERS LITERATURE Wastewater Treatment Advanced Chemical Co. Warwick, R. 1. A 2-page flyer describes Encap~01-8, a single-step, dry chemical additive for wastewater treatment. Blended with proprietary chemicals, the mixture is able to encapsulate and flocculate oils, suspended solids, and dissolved metals. Eight blends are available for general categories, and custom formulations can be developed for unique wastewater treatment requirements. Circle 301 on the reader service card

Ultrafiltration Membranes and Systems Advanced Membrane Technology Inc.

San Diego

Advanced Membrane Technology’s ultrafiltration membranes and systems are the subject of a 2-page, color flyer. Discussed in the literature is the company’s ED element, which is the flagship of the electrodeposition ultrafiltration product line. Also discussed is the company’s clean-in-place system. Circle 302 on the reader service card



Be/anger Inc. Northvile,Mich.

An overview of Belanger’s capabilities is given in a 12-page, color brochure. The literature features a corporate introduction and information on car washing, multi-use blow-off systems, automatic tat-off systems, and engineered process solutions. Color photographs are used throughout the literature. Circle 303 on the reader service card

Roll Coaters Black Bros. Co. Mendo ta, III. Black Bros. Co.‘s complete line of adhesive spreaders and roll coaters are outlined in Bulletin ASC. Detailed specifications are listed for all of the following units: Black 775 Adhesive Spreader; Model 22-D Adhesive Spreaders and Roll Coaters; RHM-775 METAL FINISHING

. APRIL 1996

Adhesive Spreaders; Model 300 Roll Coaters; and Model 440 Roll Coaters. Also mentioned are the Vertical Single Edge Coaters/Modules and Differential Direct Roll Coaters. Information is provided to assist customers in selecting the proper models and sizes to meet their particular operating requirements. Circle 304 on the reader service card

Antislip and Corrosion-Resistant Flooring Chemgrafe Corp. Be//ewe, Wash. Chemdeck antislip and corrosion-resistant flooring is described in a 4-page, color brochure, CD-30. Discussed in the brochure are the antislip surface, available colors, hold-down procedures, and applications. Photographs of the flooring are included. Circle 309 on the reader service card

Color Measurement BYK-Gardner USA Silver Spring, Md.


A 2-page, color flyer pictures and describes BYK-Gardner’s auto-QC Windows software and autocolor spectrophotometers. Auto-QC is an easyto-use Microsoft Windows software tool for color measurement and color quality control. Circle 305 on the reader service card

Anodizing Processes Clariant Corp. Charlotte, N.C. Clariant Corp. has published a 6-page brochure that describes the corporation’s strengthened commitment to the anodized aluminum industry. The publication highlights Clariant’s services, products, and processes. Circle 309 on the reader service card

Industrial BFGoodrich Cleveland

Piping System Specialty Chemicals

Corzan X10 industrial piping systems are the subject of product literature. Included in the literature are a fact sheet, chemical resistance data, basic physical properties, general piping specifications, and a list of manufacturers of Corzan X10 industrial systems process components.

Aqueous Parts Cleaning FMJ Inc. Findlay Ohio


FMT Inc.‘s IB-12 Aqueous Parts Cleaning System is the subject of a l-page, color flyer. The system is pictured and specifications, features, and benefits are listed. Circle 310 on the reader service card

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Paint Overspray Collectors Chemco Mfg. Co. Inc. Chicago

Rebuilt Automatic Equipment Fanta Equipment Co. Cleveland


A new catalog on paint overspray collectors and filter barrier systems for paint spray booths is now available from Chemco. Paint overspray collectors are available in various densities to efficiently trap particles from high solids to baked and air-dried enamels and lacquers. Also described is a system for converting water wash spray booths to dry filter booths eliminating hazardous waste.

An 8-page, color brochure provides details on their line of rebuilt automatic plating equipment. The brochure explains how Fanta can help with all aspects of developing turnkey systems such as design/engineering, reconditioning/in-house testing, installation/final testing, and options to upgrade a system. Different types of finishing, waste treatment, and accessory equipment are also listed.

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