Vacuum coating apparatus

Vacuum coating apparatus

Aluminum Surface Treatment U.S.Patent 5,614,565. Mar 25, 1997 Vacuum Coating Apparatus U.S.Patent 5,616,225. Apr. 1, 1997 M. Matsukawa et al., assig...

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Aluminum Surface Treatment U.S.Patent 5,614,565. Mar 25, 1997

Vacuum Coating Apparatus U.S.Patent 5,616,225. Apr. 1, 1997

M. Matsukawa et al., assignors to Nippon Paint Co. Ltd., Osaka, Japan

PA. Sieck et al., assignors to The BOC Group Inc., Murray Hi//, N. J.

The hydrophilic surface treating method comprising the steps of degreasing a material to be treated made of aluminum or an aluminum alloy; optionally subjecting the material to anticorrosion treatment; treating with a hydrophilic surface treating aqueous solution, which comprises polyglutamic acid and a basic compound having a boiling point of less than 200°C and drying via a baking process.

An apparatus within a vacuum chamber for applying a thin film of a material onto a substrate that is being moved in a path therethrough including use of multiple anodes in a magnetron for improving the uniformity of the plasma.

Transparent Topcoat for Multilayer Coatings U.S.Patent 5,614,590. Mar. 25, 1997 K. Bederke et a/., assignors to Herbetfs GmbH, Wuppertal, Germany

A transparent coating agent, which is free of heavy metal catalysts, and comprises a solids content of over 55% by weight, a hydroxy functional (meth)acrylic copolymer based binder, one or more aliphatic and/or cycloaliphatic polyisocyanate cross-linking agents, and one or more of a solvent, and a lacquer adjuvant.

Cathode Assembly for Sputtering U.S. Patent 5,616,226. Apr. 1, 1997 Il. Kunz et al., assignors to Balzers und Leybold Deufschland Holding AG, Hanau am Main, Germany

A cathode assembly for sputtering a target comprising a magnetic yoke; a target on one side of the yoke; a plate on the other side of the yoke; clamping means effective to limit movement of the plate away from the target; and a wedge between the yoke and plate, being expandable to move the plate away from the yoke.

Process for Coating Metals U.S. Patent 5,616,229. Apr. 1, 1997 V. Samsonov and M. Hiferer, assignors to Almag AL, Jerusalem

A process for forming a ceramic coating on a valve metal selected from the group consisting of aluminum, zirconium, titanium, hafnium, and alloys of these metals comprising immersing the metal in an electrolytic bath comprising an aqueous solution of an alkali metal hydroxide; providing an opposite electrode immersed in or containing the electrolytic bath; passing a modified shaped-wave alternating electric current from a high voltage source of at least 700 V through a surface of the metal to be coated and the opposite electrode, causing dielectric breakdown, heating, melting, and thermal compacting of a hydroxide film formed on the surface of the metal to form and weld a ceramic coating to the metal; and changing the composition of the electrolyte while the ceramic coating is being formed by adding an oxyacid salt of an alkali metal.

Metal Precipitation Composition U.S.Patent5,615,662. Apr. 1, 1997 R.M. Gaudette, Lifchfield, NH.

A composition for treating a spent dryfilm stripping solution comprising 10 to 70% by weight of an aluminum source; 28 to 95% of siliceous particulates; 3 to 35% of a metal precipitating agent; and less than 10% of a dust-suppression agent.

Carbon Dioxide Cleaning Process U.S.Patent 5,616,OSZ Apr. 1, 1997 L.N. Goenka, assignor to Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, Mich.


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A method for generating small carbon dioxide (CO,) particles for abrasively cleaning a workpiece comprising accelerating a carrier gas from a converging section through a throat section and out a diverging section of a first nozzle, and injecting liquid CO, through a nozzle generally adjacent to the throat section for at least partially converting liquid CO, into solid CO, particles, whereby the solid CO, particles are accelerated by the carrier gas through the diverging section for cleaning the workpiece.

Sputtering Apparatus U.S. Patent 5,616,224. Apr. 1, 1997 N.L. Baling, assignor to Deposition Sciences Inc., Santa Rosa, Calif

An apparatus for reducing the intensity and frequency of arcs, which occur during a sputtering process.


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