World Bank supports Croatian project

World Bank supports Croatian project

Filtration Industry Analyst MESSER TO BUILD AIR SEPARATION PLANT The M e s s e r G r o u p , a m a j o r i t y h o l d i n g of the Hoechst Group, ha...

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Filtration Industry Analyst

MESSER TO BUILD AIR SEPARATION PLANT The M e s s e r G r o u p , a m a j o r i t y h o l d i n g of the Hoechst Group, has formed a company in Taiwan and plans to c o n s t r u c t an air s e p a r a t i o n p l a n t in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. A capital investment budget of DM34 million has been earmarked for the project, which is scheduled to go onstream in 1999. The plant will have a capacity of 240 tonsper-day of oxygen a n d l 0 0 tons-per-day of liquid product.

CHEAPER CHLORINE FOR AKZO NOBEL A k z o Nobel is to i n v e s t US$25 million in upgrading its membrane chlorine plant in Skoghall, Sweden. The investment will reduce the plant's use of electricity and will also cut maintenance costs. The investment comprises the newest generation of membrane electrochemical ceils, an evaporation unit and upgrading of the electricity supply. The new facilities are expected to come on-stream in October 1999.

KAFUS STARTS WORK ON FIBREBOARD PLANT Kafus Environmental Industries has announced that its 87 per cent controlled subsidiary, The CanFibre Group Ltd, has c o n t r a c t e d with Stone & Webster to begin site work for a medium density fibreboard manufacturing facility. The project, in Lackawanna, New York, USA, is expected to cost approximately

August 1998

US$117 million, and will process more than 150 000 tons of waste wood-per-year.

TREATMENT PLANT TO RECYCLE MINE WATER Chief Consolidated Mining Company and its 75 per centowned subsidiary, Tintic Utah Metals, have signed a letter of intent with a subsidiary of US Filter to determine the feasibility of a possible treatment plant on the Burgin Mine site, Utah, USA. US Filter would construct the plant at an estimated cost of US$30 million, and it would treat up to 12 000 gallons of water per minute.

NEW TREATMENT LAB ESTABLISHED BOC Gases and PCI-WEDECO have joined forces to establish an ozone and wastewater treatment laboratory. The new laboratory, located at BOC Gases' R&D facility in Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA, will enable the companies to evaluate alternative water treatment technologies. It will also confirm the feasibility of treatment methods and ozone dosages required to provide cost-effective water treatment.

WORLD BANK SUPPORTS CROATIAN PROJECT The World Bank has approved a US$36.3 million loan to Croatia, to help develop the c o u n t r y ' s municipal environmental infrastructure.

The project includes the U k r a i n e . This d r i l l i n g is supply of pumping stations scheduled to begin in August and water treatment plants to 1998. the Kastela and Trogir Bays, to reduce pollutant discharges I ' l l \ R \ I \-and improve the quality of drinking water. It also involves the reconstruction and upgrading of selected parts of AKZO NOBEL TO the Split-Solin-Kastela-Trogir INVEST IN water supply system. The total p r o j e c t cost is US$261.5 INGREDIENT million. PLANT

NEW US PIPELINE ANNOUNCED Four natural gas companies have a n n o u n c e d they are to construct a US$220-280 m i l l i o n p i p e l i n e to s e r v e Northern I l l i n o i s and Wisconsin, USA. The proposed 36 inch diameter, 150-200 mile pipeline would start near Chicago, Illinois and move gas from Western Canada and the major US supply basins. Start-up is scheduled for November 2001 with an initial capacity of a p p r o x i m a t e l y 650 million cubic feet-per-day. The project is a joint venture between E1 Paso Energy Corp, Peoples Energy Corp, Enron Corp, and Northern Border Pipeline Company.

EUROGAS TO EXPLORE UKRAINE E u r o G a s l n c has entered into two s e p a r a t e agreements to develop coal bedmethane gas properties in Ukraine. The first p r o j e c t will explore, and possibly develop the Donez coal basin in the east of the country, which has estimated reserves of 400 billion cubic metres of natural gas. The second agreement involves the drilling of wells in the southwest region of

A k z o N o b e l is to invest US$35 million in a 6000 sq m new plant to produce complex active ingredients used in the global pharmaceutical industry. The new facility, to be built in Oss, the Netherlands, is expected to become operational in 2000. The plant will include new state-of-the-art medicine production facilities, and clean rooms for the production and purification of biotechnological products.

DOW-SHELL ETHYLENE PROPOSAL SELECTED A joint proposal from Dow Chemical Co and Shell based on a 450 000 tonnes-per-year e t h y l e n e plant has been selected as the preferred prop o n e n t for a w o r l d - s c a l e integrated petrochemical project proposed for Western Australia. The proposal includes an adjacent 400 000 tonne monoethylene glycol plant constructed by a Royal Dutch/Shell Group company, while Dow would use local salt to produce caustic soda and 690 000 tonnes-per-year of ethylene dichloride. A final decision about the plant is expected by late 1999.